PowerRFP software helps to take control of your Sourcing and Procurement Projects

Simplify and streamline your purchasing procurement process with PowerRFP’s platform. The best part is, it’s free to use!


The PowerRFP software centrally coordinates all your competitive bidding requests, project communications, and collects all proposals in one place. Rather than go through the daunting task of scrambling to find and track multiple RFPs, find all that information in one central location. 

Sign up now to experience an alternative procurement management method that keeps you easily organized and well-informed for each professional procurement decision.

Our mission is to empower your procurement team. We made our professional-level project management tool available to all users at no cost until December 2023.

Stay Organized and Coordinated

Take full control of competitive betting steps. Coordinate multiple projects while stay organized.

Receive Better Proposals

Connect with quality suppliers who are serious about your project.

Analytics and Decision Support

Built-in evaluation tool to help you make an informed decision.

Drive Performance​

Run multiple projects with fewer resources.

Always Clear Conversation

Questions? Our In-Project messenger keeps all project communication clear and on topic. No more mixing different project conversations.

Easy Archive

Never lose track of your information. Easily pull up all your past and present projects and review proposals, notes, and communications.

What Our Client Says

"PowerRFP is perfect for my purchasing projects. I love it!"
Patrick Turner
Facilities Manager at Centennial Real Estate

Power AI RFP Generator

Create an RFP quickly by answering only a few questions with our Power AI RFP Generator. With our tool, your business can save precious time AND get a clear RFP in minutes.

For Procurement Professionals

Avoid the stress of using a combination of traditional email inboxes, spreadsheets and other individual programs as your procurement system. Stop wasting valuable time sifting through multiple points of information to find the best option for your purchasing needs. 


Solution: PowerRFP is perfect for all procurement environments. The PowerRFP purchasing platform is highly flexible, accessible, and will add immediate performance to all your procurement and sourcing initiatives. 

See How Easy it Works


Start a Project

PowerRFP will guide you on quick and easy project creation. Set target dates, requirements, attachments, and evaluation. Once ready, PowerRFP will alert your invited suppliers


Invite Suppliers to Submit Proposals

Centrally coordinate all your competitive bidding requests.Easily manage all project information, revisions, and communications in one platform


Receive Proposals

Stop looking through hundreds of emails to find one proposal. Instead, centrally receive all supplier quotes and proposals in one place.


Evaluation & Award

Our built-in evaluation and decision support tool to guide you on making an informed decision. Take your project to a successful completion.


Free Until December 31, 2024

For Procurement Professionals

Manage multiple projects, communications and all sourcing to get the best price from trusted suppliers.
  • Organize all supplier communications
  • Evaluate incoming proposals
  • Set specific requirements


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