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RFP Template for Security Services

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RFP Template: Hiring Security Services for Commercial Facilities

In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world, maintaining good security at your facility is paramount.

As a Facility Manager, it is your role to procure the appropriate security for your organization.

Crafting the perfect Request for Proposal (RFP) for security services is an essential step in finding the ideal security partner for your facility. A well-prepared RFP will not only streamline the selection process but also help you find the right fit to meet your security needs.

Our template will guide you through the major parts of the RPF and suggest topics to answer to create the idea timeline, description, requirements, and evaluation scorecard.

Important Dates

Having specific dates in mind to ensure you get the property security service for your facility building is the first important step. To decide on your timelines, start with finding out when these services need to be active on-premise. From that date, you can estimate other dates.

Here are some questions to consider when determining the correct:

  • Implementation Date

This is the date security service should be activated at your facility. Ask:

  • Is there an existing contract that is expiring?
  • Is there an external event or timeline that needs to be considered, such as building occupancy?
  • How much lead time do you need for personnel to be deployed or surveillance systems/access control systems to be installed on the property?
  • Decision Date 
  • This is the date that we need to select the vendor and inform them that they have won the bid. To determine this date, ask:
    • How much reasonable lead time will your vendors need to be organized for the implementation date?
    • Then work back from the Implementation date. 
  • Evaluation Date 
  • This is the date that you will start reviewing the submissions; when you want all the submissions to be received.
    • Consider how much time you want yourself and your team to consider the submission. 
    • Consider all stakeholders and their availability 
    • Then work back from the Decision Date
  • Post Date 

This is the date that you will send out the RFPs

  • What is a reasonable amount of time that vendors will need to create the RFP submission? 
  • Consider allowing time to ask questions and for you to provide answers.
  • Then work back from the Evaluation Date



Now that you have determined dates, providing an in-depth detailed project description is equally important. The more you can communicate with vendors about your project, the better.

When forming your project description for an upcoming security services RFP, consider including the following:

  • The building surrounding environment and its needs. 

This is important because to understand your business and facility’s vulnerabilities, the geographical, demographic, and social environment your facility is located in needs to be considered for the level of security needed.

  • The desired security outcome you like to achieve.

Note the past security issues so that your vendors have an idea of what to expect. 

  • Expected Security actions
    This gives the vendor the expectations on what you expect when there is a security breach. Are you looking for your security to actively defend and drive off intruders? Or are you looking for your security to observe and call local law enforcement?


Requirements & Questions

In this area of your RFP, ask open questions about a vendor’s experience, capability, and their references to gauge their true competence. 

Additionally, request the vendors to provide in-depth information about their service offerings and elaborate on the measures (proactive and preventative) they have in place during emergencies. These details will help assess the capability and sophistication of each team. Furthermore, these crucial details will empower you to make an informed decision and select the most appropriate security partner for your facility. 

Examples of what can be included in the requirements section in the RFP:

  • What new equipment or building upgrades will you recommend? 

Some parts of your building might require upgrades to increase the level of security you desired because of the geographic location of the facility. Your Vendor should provide you with ideas on their proposal.

  • What is the number of security guards and coverage you recommend?

This will give you an indication of the type of man power your vendor is looking to provide.

  • Describe your guards’ responsibilities.

Determine which services are provided directly by the vendor and which are out of their responsibility, as this can impact service quality and responsiveness.

  • Please list your references and their contact information.

A reputable vendor should have no problem providing references and should also have no issues with anyone contacting them.

  • What services are outsourced versus in-house?

Determine which services are provided directly by the vendor and which are outsourced, as this can impact service quality and responsiveness.

  • Provide a location of your main service area.

Inquire about the location of their primary service area to gauge potential response times based on your facility’s proximity.

  • What backup services do you offer?

Ask about contingency plans and backup services in the event of primary monitoring interruptions or shutdowns.

  • Please break down your proposal by service offerings. 

This way, you can compare the price and offer in each category.



If you have any files to give vendors outlining relevant information, it would be a good idea to include documents like:

  • Guarding or Patrolling Instructions

Guidelines or instructions regarding the desired frequency, routes, or specific tasks to be performed by security guards or patrols.

  • Facility Information

Details about the commercial facility, such as its size, layout, locations, entrances/exits, sensitive areas, and any other relevant information that may impact the security services required.

  • Technical Specifications

Details about any specific technical requirements or standards for security equipment, systems, or software, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, alarms, or monitoring software.



There are many factors to consider when choosing the right vendor for your facilities’ Security Service.  As a result, It is best to create a criteria hierarchy based on the importance level to keep organized and ensure that you choose the right option.

Consider using the following priority rankings for your security service:


Has the vendor demonstrated reliability and a good track record in past dealings? How responsive are they to issues and requests? If there is a security threat, how do they respond?

2.Service Level 

Are they able to respond promptly in times of stress? Do they only provide surveillance equipment or guards?


Price is another high priority due to the input of property owners footing the bill. 

Remember that pricing for security services may vary due to differing approaches between vendors to achieve the desired project outcome.


Next Steps

With this information in mind, try PowerRFP software for your first building security project for free here!