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RFP Template for Construction Site Office Rentals

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RFP Template: Construction Site Office Rental

Procuring a construction site office rental takes careful planning and consideration and your site office rental RFP should reflect this complexity in the details and requirements in your RFP.

This RFP Template is meant to assist you in developing a concise yet comprehensive Site Office Rental RFP, factoring in necessary flexibility and crucial questions to streamline the establishment of your site office. The template will guide you through the major parts of the RPF and suggest topics to answer to create the idea timeline, description, requirements, and evaluation scorecard.

Important Dates

Mapping out dates to ensure a successful delivery is a significant component of any construction office site rental. To determine your timelines, you can work backwards from the expected delivery date as that is the most easily established. From that date, you can estimate the other dates.

Here are some questions to consider when determining the correct:

  • Delivery Date
    This is the date that the site office rental should be delivered to your site. Ask
    • When does your construction start?
    • How much lead time do you need it to be there before construction starts?
  • Decision Date
    This is the date that we need to select the vendor and inform them that they have won the bid. To determine this date, ask:
    • How much reasonable lead time will your vendors need to be organized for delivery? 
    • Then work back from the Delivery Date
  • Evaluation Date
    This is the date that you will start reviewing the submissions; when you want all the submissions to be received.
    • Consider how much time you want yourself and your team to consider the submission. 
    • Consider all stakeholders and their availability 
    • Then work back from the Decision Date
  • Post Date
    This is the date that you will send out the RFPs
    • What is a reasonable amount of time that vendors will need to create the RFP submission? 
    • Consider allowing time to ask questions and for you to provide answers.
    • Then work back from the Evaluation Date



Now that you have determined dates, providing an in-depth detailed project description is equally important. The more you can communicate with vendors about your project, the better.

When forming your project description for an upcoming construction office site rental RFP, consider including the following:

  • The number of people that are expected to use the building
    This is important to determine the building size and rooms you need to accommodate workers.

  • The ground material that the office would sit on
    Each worksite often is different ground types (i.e., paved surface or compact soil, or on scaffolding above a sidewalk)

  • The duration of time this building will need to be used.
    Construction might not be consistently ongoing (construction might take a break in the winter months and then resume afterwards), but the office needs to remain on-site even during times of vacancy.

  • The elements that the building will be exposed to.
    Consider if the building will be covered or uncovered and will be affected by changing weather conditions.

If the building requires stairs or any special accessibility.
This is important because, in some scenarios where the structure might be raised due to unstable ground conditions and needs special items for accessibility, like stairs, ramps or lifts.


Requirements & Questions

There might be requirements that need to be met or matched by the vendor that cannot be compromised on, especially if time is of the essence. Determining if the vendor can deliver on these requirements can save an enormous about of time and confusion. 

Examples of what can be included in the requirements section in the RFP:

  • Please list your references and their contact information.
    A reputable vendor should have no problem providing references and should also have no issues with anyone contacting them

  • What amount of insurance does your company have, and what does it cover?
    This ensures that you are covered in case there are any issues. Additionally, it also helps identify areas that are not covered and may require additional insurance.

  • Describe the security features of the site office.
    The site office will typically house some sensitive and expensive information. Keeping this safe should be taken into consideration.

  • Please provide a price breakdown.
    Provide the full breakdown price that includes the delivery fees, admin fees, eco fees and any other fees for a full “out the door” price. Highlight any specific breakdowns that you are looking to evaluate against other vendors. This may include delivery costs, monthly rental and additional features.

  • Describe your HVAC features.
    Construction on larger projects may take months. This means that environmental temperatures can swing dramatically. A proper HVAC system will ensure comfort for your workers.

  • What is your extension and cancellation policy?
    In certain scenarios, you may want to extend or reduce the duration of the rental. Seeking clarity on those items is important for flexibility.



If you have any files to give vendors outlining relevant information, it would be a good idea to include documents like:

  • Site Maps
    Shows the construction site’s location and, if possible, the preferred location for the site office.

  • Project Schedule
    Outlines the timeline of the construction project, which includes when the office space will be needed, how long the rental should be and any important dates (like move-in dates)

  • Floor Plan or Layouts
    If available, the ideal floor plan or layout of the desired site office can be included. This helps potential vendors understand the physical space needs, such as the number of rooms, size, layout, etc.



There are many factors to consider when choosing the right vendor for your Site Office Rental.  As a result, It is best to create a criteria hierarchy based on the importance level to keep organized and ensure that you choose the right option.

Consider using the following priority rankings for your site office rental:

  1. Availability
    This is probably the most important consideration. Potentially more important than cost. The vendor’s ability to deliver the site office and keep it there for the duration required should be priority 1.

  2. Competitive Cost
    Price is typically the ultimate factor. If the cost is not within the budget, then you will need to consider other options.

  3. Amenities
    Does it include the amenities I am looking for? Security, HVAC, and room layout should be the next consideration, as workers will be spending a lot of time in the office.

  4. Supplier Reference
    Has the vendor demonstrated reliability and a good track record in past dealings? How responsive are they to issues and requests? This is the measure of service level. This is important to consider in case something goes wrong. A reputable vendor will help resolve any issues that may arise.

  5. Flexibility of Supplier Agreement
    Is the vendor flexible with the rental duration if the timeframe needs to be changed/adjusted? This can be the next priority 


Next Steps

With this information in mind, try PowerRFP software for your first office site rental project for free here!