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RFP Template for Cleaning Services

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RFP Template: Contracting Cleaning Services for Your Business

As an office manager, your role is to create the optimal environment for your team and keeping your work environment clean is part of maintaining that optimal environment. 

This RFP template will guide you through the major parts of the RPF and suggest topics to answer to create the idea timeline, description, requirements, and evaluation scorecard. 

Important Dates

Mapping out dates to ensure a successful delivery is a significant component of any cleaning service. To determine your timelines, you can work backwards from the expected delivery date as that is the most easily established. From that date, you can estimate the other dates.

Here are some questions to consider when determining the correct:

  • Implementation Date

This is the date that the cleaning services should start at your office. Ask

  • Is there an existing contract that is expiring?
  • Is there an external event or timeline that needs to be considered, such as office occupancy?
  • How much lead time do you need it to be there before the cleaning services start?
  • Decision Date
    This is the date that we need to select the vendor and inform them that they have won the bid. To determine this date, ask:
    • How much reasonable lead time will your vendors need to be organized for the cleaning services? 
    • Then work back from the Implementation Date
  • Evaluation Date
    This is the date that you will start reviewing the submissions; when you want all the submissions to be received.
    • Consider how much time you want yourself and your team to consider the submission. 
    • Consider all stakeholders and their availability 
    • Then work back from the Decision Date
  • Post Date
    This is the date that you will send out the RFPs
    • What is a reasonable amount of time that vendors will need to create the RFP submission? 
    • Consider allowing time to ask questions and for you to provide answers.
    • Then work back from the Evaluation Date



Now that you have determined dates, providing an in-depth detailed project description is equally important. The more you can communicate with vendors about your project, the better.

When forming your project description for your office cleaning services RFP, consider the following:

  • Describe your business’s line of work
    Providing your business will help give cleaners more context of what to expect. For example, a medical lab will require different cleaning standards than an office or a food facility or a car dealership.

  • The desired cleaning standard

This gives accurate information about the level of cleaning that is required for your office. Does your office produce a large amount of trash regularly? Or is your office mostly digital and clutter-free?

  • Office Hours 

This is important because each office will have varying timeframes where they are operating, and the cleaning service will need to work around those needs. 

  • Dangerous materials or equipment

Some offices may include large machinery or infrastructure that, if not careful, can injure people close to or around it. This will be good to indicate so the vendors can have appropriate PPE or safety preparations. 

Requirements & Questions

There might be requirements that need to be met or matched by the vendor that cannot be compromised on, especially if time is of the essence. Determining if the vendor can deliver on these requirements can save an enormous about of time and confusion. 

Examples of what can be included in the requirements section in the RFP:

  • How do you plan to adhere to our safety standards?
    This is important because it will ensure any safety standards and regulations are followed. For example, in a food manufacturing facility, or a lab, there are certain cleanliness protocols required to not spoil the product or business. It will be important to review how the vendor will adhere to these requirements.

  • What is your suggested cleaning frequency?

Depending on the scope and size of your office, the vendor may schedule regular cleaning to be done daily, weekly or monthly. 

  • What is the scope of cleaning scope?

What exactly will they be cleaning when they arrive? Look for things like Vacuuming, trash collection, etc.

  • Please list your references and their contact information.
    A reputable vendor should have no problem providing references and should also have no issues with anyone contacting them


  • What is your pricing structure for your cleaning services?
    Some vendors will charge hourly, and some vendors charge per square foot. It’s good to get an apples-to-apples comparison at the end


  • What amount of insurance does your company have, and what does it cover?
    This ensures that you are covered in case there are any issues. Additionally, it also helps identify areas that are not covered and may require additional insurance.



If you have any files to give vendors outlining relevant information, it would be a good idea to include documents like:

  • Site/floor plans or Blueprints

A physical layout of the premises and aiding them to visualize the scale of work.

  • Historial Data 

This could include past cleaning schedules, costs and any issues or changes that have arisen. 



There are many factors to consider when choosing the right vendor for your office’s cleaning services. As a result, It is best to create a criteria hierarchy based on the importance level to keep organized and ensure that you choose the right option.

Consider using the following priority rankings for your cleaning services:


Gauging their current references and experience is the most important. Has the vendor demonstrated reliability and a good track record with other offices? What do current and past clients have to say about their attention to detail and overall cleaning performance?

2.Product/Service Fit

This is a close second in priority. Have they worked on cleaning projects of the same scope prior that might require maintaining an absolutely spotless environment? 


Rates in the cleaning industry change, and different service levels, service scope, cleaning levels, and cleaning supply requirements will be the primary driver of total costs.


How quickly can they respond if the contract or scope needs to change? 

Next Steps

With this information in mind, try PowerRFP software for your first cleaning services project for free here!